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The HiGH School 48 Hour Film Project

Show the world what you can do as a filmmaker 


Competitions: Short Script, Story Board, & Film 

The HS48 challenges you and your team to create in only 48 hours.  This time limit puts the focus on teamwork, problem-solving, and creativity.  In other words, it focuses on "doing". ​At the end of the weekend, you have your creative work to show.  Our three competitions build on each other, but can also be done separately.

"Beginning in my teens, I have participated in more than twenty 48 Hour Film Project competitions in 4 different locations. The 48 community has helped me grow, practice my skills as a filmmaker and start some wonderful friendships."

Rachelle Henry - Actress known for Gaslit, My Summer as a Goth, Martingale, and Woodstock or Bust. 

The HS48 Short Script Project Winner for 2022 is ...

"The Sub Club"

   by Sailor Hunt, Madelyn Gualdoni, Ava Prouty, Annika     MarshallThe Governor's School for the Arts, Norfolk, Virginia

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