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48HFP Arnhem 2023 - De Blockbuster Brigade - Behind the Scenes Pictures - file 4.png

Register for the HS48 Film Project

Register your team to take part in one, two or all three of our exciting film event for students everywhere.

High School teams will have 48 hours to show off their creativity.

   Oct. 20-22  48 Hour Script Project - write a 10 page script 

   Jan. 26-28, 2024   48 Hour Storyboard Project - tell a story in pictures

   February 2024  48 Hour Film Project - write, shoot and edit a short film

Professional judges from the film industry will evaluate all entries and announce the awards

48 Hour Script Project  October 20-22   Registration  now open!  Scroll down.

Storyboard and Film Project registrations open on Dec. 1


Register for the 48 Hour Script Project

October 20-22


Got a question? Get in touch here!

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